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A few moments with Soucie Law's Newsletters will give you a clear sense of how much Soucie Law cares about people like you. Each issue features a personal story of real clients who experienced serious injuries through an accident or negligence or who have lost children, parents or good friends. They talk about what it's like to work with Soucie Law and the successful results of their cases based on our persistence and sense of justice.

May 2012
Tragedy Caused By Drunk Driver and Bar
Mike and Carol Calistro loved getting together with their daughters and grandchildren every chance they had. Holidays were always special family gatherings. Easter Sunday of 2009 was “one of the best Easters ever.” It was the last Easter they would all be together.

October 2010
Inattentive Driver turns Coach into Spectator
Instant. Abrupt. Scary. This is how Mark Rinehart describes the events of May 14th, 2009. A day that started out as a relaxing afternoon of golf, turned into a life-changing event for Mark.

April 2010
Golden Years Interrupted
Fred and Mary Gundlach were enjoying what was supposed to be their "Golden Years." After a long career, which included service in the military, Fred was finally able to do many of the things he loved to do – fishing with friends and family, hitting the golf course, and taking long trips with his best friend, Mary. Reflecting on his retirement, Fred remarked, "Finally, I had it." Life was grand for Fred and Mary.

October 2009
Fred Soucie Obtains $8,000,000 Verdict For Client Injured By Drunk Driver
After a three-week trial, an Anoka County jury returned a verdict for Ron and Rosa Jones. Ron was seriously injured when a drunk driver crashed into another car, which then struck Ron while he was riding his motorcycle. Ron sustained life threatening and disabling injuries in the crash. The jury awarded more than $8,000,000 to compensate the Jones' for their losses.

August/September 2008
Semi-tractor trailer and vehicle collison.
We go to work each day, generally taking the same route, time after time. Michael Hilber was just like us. He got up to go to work, made the commute to Anoka High School, where he taught engineering to 11th and 12th grade students. Only this time, the routine of his daily life would be impacted when a semi-tractor trailer collided with his vehicle at 50 miles per hour.

May/June 2008
Burn victim triumphs with help from family and friends.
After finishing his junior year of college, Tom Christensen was enjoying some time with friends around a campfire one summer evening. The night became one that he will never forget. Tom would end up spending the next few weeks in and out of the burn unit at Regions Hospital. After meeting with various attorneys who said they could not help him, he tried one last time and contacted Soucie Law.

May/June 2007
The aftermath of the Ramsey explosion.
In December, 2004, a commercial building exploded as a result of a natural gas leak. Three people were killed as a result and one person survived. Our firm had the privilege of representing three of the families involved in this tragedy. We take a look back at their experiences.

September/October 2006
Fighting for bicyclists: The Story of Scott Nelson.
Accolades in the office. Soucie and Bolt is proud to welcome Terry Peterson to the firm. Read an abridged summary of Minnesota's bicycle laws.

March/April 2006
Read about how important it is to pay attention when you drive in "Attentive Drive. It's a Life or Death Decision."

Summer 2005
Read "No Prince Charming," to learn more about how a woman survived an abusive relationship.

Winter 2004
Read about the case of "Routine Surgery." Several years after their beloved daughter's senseless death, this couple adopted two young children from Russia as a tribute to her love and life.

Fall 2004
Read about the case of "Losing Mom" one family's difficult story of losing their hope for their mother's recovery.

Summer 2004
Read about the case of "Pay Attention When You Drive," a young couple faces the tragic loss of their daughter and a young mother's slow recovery.

Winter 2003
Read about the case of "Man Killed in Power line Incident," the story of a widow facing her husband's needless death.

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