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Scars can be caused by many types of burns due to chemical substance exposure, unsafe equipment, electrical or power line injuries, or defective products. Serious scars can also develop due to injuries from animal attacks, surgical error and medical negligence or improper treatment of wounds.

The importance of physical appearance in our society, particularly for women and children, means that any scarring from accidents or injuries can become a source of emotional distress, affecting one's ability to interact well with others and engage confidently in work and life. Getting proper and immediate treatment for scarring is vitally important for healing and long-term health. Soucie Law will work to find the best possible representation so you can obtain the financial support you need for reconstructive procedures and follow-up by qualified medical professionals.

Because insurance does not typically cover reconstructive procedures or those they consider merely "cosmetic," having someone on your side who understands the legal liabilities of product manufacturers, pet owners, utility companies, health care organizations and others who may be responsible for your injuries will help you take appropriate action that leads to healing and recovery.

What Can I Do About Scarring?
With scarring, it is important to obtain the highest quality medical treatment available. It may take up to a year for a scar to lose its redness and swollen appearance after suture removal, so you may have to wait that long before consulting a specialist.

Sometimes a dermatologist or plastic surgeon can treat a scar after the wound has healed. However, some people develop keloids, or thick rope-like scars that are difficult to remove and sensitive to sun exposure. More jagged cuts with more traumatic skin damage (such as a cut surrounded by an area of abrasion) tend to scar more while cuts in the same direction as your natural skin lines (wrinkle lines) are less visible.

Infection can cause complications that include more serious scarring once the wound heals. You should also avoid sun exposure until the skin has fully healed. New scars burn more easily and can become discolored. While over-the-counter scar creams are generally not harmful, they are not completely proven to heal scars better. A dermatologist or skilled physician in plastic surgery is the best
source of care.

Soucie Law Can Help You Move Forward

One of the things you need most when you or a loved one is dealing with injuries that cause scarring is legal help. We will help you understand the legal process, and help you find the best possible legal representation so you can move forward after a catastrophic injury.

If you would like to talk to someone at Soucie Law right away, call (763) 427-8888. After business hours, our answering service will relay your message to the on-call attorney immediately.

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"One of the first things I asked when I finally woke up was, 'Was it my fault?' This terrible thing happened and Fred proved I wasn't at fault. I can't tell you what a relief that was to know that and to have someone taking care of the stuff like the billing and the insurance companies and the hospital when this happened. Fred really went the extra mile to prove our case."

– Mary F

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